Bonus Games in Online Pokies

Playing virtual pokies, Aussie slang for “poker machines,” which are known to the rest of the world as slot machines, is in many ways like playing the physical equivalent in a land based casino or your local pub. The basic premise is the same. You’re betting a certain number of coins and then you spin the reels in hopes of obtaining a specific pattern of symbols. Prizes, or payouts, are awarded – or not – according to the particular patterns you come up with. Of course, with online pokies, the coins and the reels are not really real (pun intended) but the product of some clever software designer’s imagination. And there, according to some players, is where Internet pokies are lacking. These gamers claim they miss the experience of actually inserting coins and pressing the spin button, feeling the difference between a tight machine and – hurray! – a loose one.

The Online Bonus Game

True, there are differences between the two versions of poker machines. Each player is bound to have his own opinion and preference. However, there is one area where online pokies do seem to surpass their land based cousins. This is a certain special feature called the “bonus game.” A game within a standard pokie game, it will cause your regular game to pause while a new screen opens up, giving you the opportunity to spin, and possibly win, ten or twenty times free of charge. The bonus game is further embellished with features like multipliers, wilds and even additional bonus games. All this action takes place with the high quality graphics, video, music and sound effects you’ve come to expect from the best software.

Appeal of Bonus Games

It is well known that in every casino game, whether online or off, the house has an edge. That is, they pay out the bulk of their cash receipts as prizes, but keep a certain percentage as profit, in order to stay in business. Players are always looking for ways to beat the house edge and increase their own chances of winning. A big part of the appeal of bonus games is that they tilt the odds in favor of you, the player, for a few moments, and in a fun and interesting way. They are an amusing surprise in the midst of a regular game and a nice way for the casino to say, “Thank you for playing.”

How to find Bonus Games

If you are still new to online gaming, try a search with your favorite Internet search engine. Just type “online pokies with bonus games” and check through the results until you find one or two that interest you. For those players who are already registered with particular online casino, check their offerings for pokies with this added attraction. Should you need help with finding or any aspect of playing bonus games, you can contact your casino’s customer support service.